Daniel is…

Hello! My name is Daniel Zhao. I was born and raised in Changchun, China, and I’m currently living in Brooklyn, NY Troy NY, USASendai, Japan. I work hard as an application developer during the day, taking Spanish classes twice a week at night, with a dream of being a film director like Pedro Almodovar and traveling all over the world.

I blog about life, fitness, books, movies, travel, android apps, pretty websites and occasionally, non profit organizations I like.


Why Golddigger?

I explained it here.

This is a WordPress.com blog

I love WordPress, and have been a user since 2008, back then I only blog in Chinese. I’ve also written a WordPress Theme Pilot Fish. And I love Android, and have been a weekend Android developer since summer of 2013, and made some apps on Google Play.

Here are some of my favorite things:

apple pie

blogging, biking, bear hugs, black and white photos, buildings with creativity

cross stitch, calligraphy, Changchun, Chinese tea ceremony

day dreaming

Essure (I’m officially childfree since the beginning of 2015)

family, flip flops, Friday


hot yoga, handwritings, hiking

iPod, iPad


lighthouses, languages, learning

mellow winter mornings, meeting old friends, movies, maps

news clipping

postcards, photography, Pedro Almodovar, pole dancing

ragtime, reading books, raccoons, running

sand beach of all colors, sightseeing, snow, subways, swimming, Sendai


Wim Wenders, Wallace & Gromit



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