Introducing Just 1KG More

It appears that I have spent way too much time writing code for the past few months. I probably should be blogging about it too, even if it doesn’t interest anybody. So let me start by letting everyone know my latest project: Just 1KG More — a website built exclusively for nonprofit organizations that want to minimize operating cost.

Just 1KG More is a simple tool that allows nonprofit organizations to post project destinations, along with a list of items that could be used or need for the project. Travelers who happen to travel to the same destination can sign up and choose how much and what they are willing to carry (for the organization), starting at 1kg.

I created Just 1KG More for myself.

I travel to China at least once a year, and for an international flight, I can have a checked bag for up to 23kg for free. However most of the time my checked bags were around 19kg, so then each time I travel, there’s about 4kg of free space I can fill with donations and supplies for nonprofit organizations that need to be transported to Northeast China.

I have completed the backend work for Just 1KG More, and my next steps are:

  • Finish front end work
  • Start internal testing with friends and volunteers
  • Beta Launch
  • If the website gains users, then redesign the UX for production launch

One of the benefits of Just 1KG More is leveraging already available resources. Nonprofit organizations receive non-monetary donations, such as school and medical supplies, clothing, and much more. Travelers often have extra space in their packed suitcases. Just 1KG More can works to bring them together.

This is just the start! I’m looking forward to talking with you, and receiving feedback on Just 1KG More on the approach to the beta release in early 2016.  Send me an email at, start a conversation on twitter @danni1990 and sign up for the project newsletter to learn more!

You can find the current version of the code here on github.

This work is licensed under an Apache License.


If You Want Unlimited Fitness Classes, Try ClassPass!

This is probably the best gym membership I’ve ever signed up: for $99 a month, I can try different classes at gyms and boutique fitness studios all over NYC (up to 3 classes at the same studio per month).

2014-11-20 17.08.47
A Day At Barre


I signed up ClassPass at the beginning of January 2015, and so far I’ve had barre, cycling, Pilates, strength training, aerial yoga and more! A single class at Pure Barre (my favorite) or Physique 57 costs more than $30, so if I can take more than 3 classes per month, I’m already making the most of my membership. So far I’ve taken 15 classes and I feel great of breaking a sweat more than 4 times a week.


ClassPass is also a great platform for sampling classes. You can try something you never had before. I tried cycling (don’t like it), kettlebell (love it!) and strength training (it was such a challenge!), and at the same time I can try some of my favorite workouts at more studios. If you love fitness classes and would love to try many studios, make ClassPass your routine :)