Spanish Short Stories

In my recent Spanish courses, we have read many interesting Spanish short stories, and I would like to share some of my favorite ones here:

El Recado (Elena Poniatowska)

Euskera Ez (Ramiro Pinilla)

Anhedonia: Historia de dos mujeres (Mylene Fernández Pintado)

Casa Tomada (Julio Cortázar)

Solo vine a hablar por teléfono (Gabriel García Márquez)

Amor de madre (Almudena Grandes)


Mexican Restaurant rankings – Capital Region, NY

I’ve been to most Mexican restaurants in the Capital Region, and I want to rank them based on their food, authenticity and atmosphere.

1. El Mexicano (Saratoga Springs, NY)

El Mexicano is by far the best Mexican restaurant in the Capital Region, offering many selections, free complementary appetizer and dessert. Servers are very friendly and there is Mexican music playing in the background.

2. La Fiesta (Clifton Park , NY), Pancho’s (Troy, NY), La Fiesta (Albany, NY), and Casa Real Mexican Restaurant (Rotterdam, NY)

These four restaurants are tie for 2nd place. They all have the similar menu and serve similar food. The food is more Tex-Mex and Mexican inspired, instead of real Mexican food.

6. El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant II (Albany, NY)

El Mariachi could be as good as La Fiesta, Pancho’s or Casa Real, especially with the Aztec sun wall decoration inside the restaurant. I’ve been there once and had Mole con Pollo, and found two problems with it:

    1. The mole is way too sweet for me. Most mole I’ve had has a a little bitter and spicy taste, and I like the kind of mole I had at my Mexican friend’s home. But at El Mariachi II, the mole is just pure sweet…
    2. They serve black beans by default, instead of pinto beans. I like black beans, but for Mexican food, it has to be pinto beans!

7. Salsa Latina (Albany, NY)

Very Americanized. I’ve only been there once and had Arroz con Pollo, it was tasteless and disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone as a Mexican restaurant. They do have a full bar, if you want some Margaritas.

8. Cantina (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Wannabe contemporary Mexican food. This place is trendy, servers are nice too, but unfortunately they don’t serve Mexican food. (My Mexican friend call this “white people’s Mexican food,” meaning that is what people never had Mexican food thought Mexican food is like.)

9. Jose Malones (Troy, NY)

Jose Malones is not a Mexican restaurant, even though it says it is, and has a “Mexican” category on Yelp. Jose Malones is a bar that serves nachos. That’s it.

Troy Survival Guide

For Tianyuan, enjoy your summer =)

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Language Learning Resources

As I was 9 years old, I told my mom that I wanted to be a linguist. My mum was very surprised at me, for she can only speak Chinese, and has never heard of any occupations related to linguistic. However I do kept my dream of becoming a linguist until high school. Then I found out that linguists are paid less. So I gave up.

I gave up the idea of becoming a linguist as a professional, but not learning foreign languages.

Here are the resources for language learning that I’ve kept in my bookmark lists, with sites I’ve tried or will try in the future. I will keep updating this page with links such as online courses, podcasts and other supplemental materials here. I have started learning Spanish in June 2011, after I received my Japanese N1 Certificate. My ultimate goal in language learning is to be like Steve Kaufmann,, or even get beyond him. Continue reading “Language Learning Resources”


Ep 03

すべる 讲笑话失败冷场










迷惑かけた オメエのおごりに 決まってんだろ バカ!

Ep 08

1. 自掘坟墓

墓穴(ぼけつ) 掘ることになる

2. 如虎添翼


3. 崇洋媚外


4. 临时抱佛脚


5. 搞小动作


6. 一生一次(的邂逅)