Language Learning Resources

As I was 9 years old, I told my mom that I wanted to be a linguist. My mum was very surprised at me, for she can only speak Chinese, and has never heard of any occupations related to linguistic. However I do kept my dream of becoming a linguist until high school. Then I found out that linguists are paid less. So I gave up.

I gave up the idea of becoming a linguist as a professional, but not learning foreign languages.

Here are the resources for language learning that I’ve kept in my bookmark lists, with sites I’ve tried or will try in the future. I will keep updating this page with links such as online courses, podcasts and other supplemental materials here. I have started learning Spanish in June 2011, after I received my Japanese N1 Certificate. My ultimate goal in language learning is to be like Steve Kaufmann,, or even get beyond him.

There are some general language learning sites that offer different languages free or with a subscription fee.


  • offers several languages for free at beginner level

  • though free members can only create up to 100 LingQs, the access to all the audio and text materials is really useful

Babbel Language:

FSI Language:

BBC Languages:



A first year French program:

  • offered by University of Texas at Austin



Center for Japanese Language Education, the University of Tokyo:

Reading Tutor:

沪江日语 (site in Chinese)

  • A good site offers Japanese from newbie to advanced courses, at a not expensive price. I am now using this site for the preparation of JLPT N1

长春山崎日语 (site in Chinese)

  • This is the cradle where I began learning Japanese.

JLPT Sample tests by the Japan Foundation:


During a short stay in Beijing in the summer of 2011, I have learned simple Mongolian greetings from the mom in my host family. And this opened up my interest in the Mongolian language.

Basic info of Mongolian language on wikipedia:

American center for Mongolian studies:

Mongolian alphabets & resources:


Lingua Mongolia:


BBC Language Spanish

  • La vida loca is an interesting program!

Spanish Pod

  • the minimum subscription fee is at $9/mo. I’ve followed the for 6 months, and really their hosts.

¿Qué Onda?

  • This site is like Babbel Language, with flashcards and vocabulary games. Babbel Language became a paid-to-access site now, however at the point when I signed up, it was still with both free and premium content. So ¿Qué Onda? is a better choice for me now. Besides you can download its Google Chrome app and sign in using Facebook/Twitter account; this made the site more convenient to access and user friendly.

Spanish Learning:

Spanish Conjugation:

Practica Español:


  • The virtual Spanish course designed by Instituto Cervantes, and I’m taking classes on AVE right now.

Centro Virtual Cervantes:

RadioFle iPhone app:

Free Spanish Courses Listing:


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