The Endangered Alphabets Project

Alphabet archivist

We’ve all heard about endangered species. But what about endangered languages? Tim Brookes researches languages on the brink of being completely forgotten, and he’s here to break ’em down and store ’em up with his Endangered Alphabets project. Brookes carves and paints near-extinct writing systems from Indonesia, Nigeria, and beyond into wood, and he’s planning a traveling exhibition to preserve these scripts and the fascinating cultures they embody.

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Language Learning Resources

As I was 9 years old, I told my mom that I wanted to be a linguist. My mum was very surprised at me, for she can only speak Chinese, and has never heard of any occupations related to linguistic. However I do kept my dream of becoming a linguist until high school. Then I found out that linguists are paid less. So I gave up.

I gave up the idea of becoming a linguist as a professional, but not learning foreign languages.

Here are the resources for language learning that I’ve kept in my bookmark lists, with sites I’ve tried or will try in the future. I will keep updating this page with links such as online courses, podcasts and other supplemental materials here. I have started learning Spanish in June 2011, after I received my Japanese N1 Certificate. My ultimate goal in language learning is to be like Steve Kaufmann,, or even get beyond him. Continue reading “Language Learning Resources”