Happy Birthday, Godard!

Just want to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to the greatest director Jean-Luc Dodard, whose films have been mimicked by generations of filmmakers. I wish to be one of them. Joyeux anniversaire, Jean!

The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second.


Poem – Finland


Find me crazy

because I don’t want to

sell my days for gold.

And I think they are fools

because they suppose

there is a price

for my days

–from Frans



“For me, stealing has always been a lot like sex. Two people who want the same thing, they get in a room, they talk about it, they start to plan. It’s kind of flirting, it’s kind of like foreplay. Because the more they talk about it, the wetter they get. The only difference is, I can fuck someone I’ve just met, but to steal, I need to know someone like I know myself.”



电影<与女人的对话>Conversations with other women


影片从头到尾都这对昔日情人的对话中进行,以对话开始,以对话结束。画面被导演从中间分成两部分,这让在对话中男女始终在两个均分的画面中,我们也可以同时从两个角度看到他们的局促,不安,故作轻松又渴望亲近的神经质,女主角在录制婚礼的祝福录像时的语无伦次…我记下了男主角在最后最后挽留曾经爱过的人时说出的话:we’ll live together forever long, when we grow very old, we take poison to die together, just like Romeo and Juliet, we hold on with fingers and two hearts stop beating together…不过女人最终为了Jeffery, the cardiologist,亦如男人的Sarah, the dancer,他们已经在新的生活上走远,失去了重返爱的机会。

No one could ever call back yesterday.



there’re two sides to every love story.



Happy ending is for stories that haven’t finnished …