2015 New Year Resolution

My resolution for 2015: continue doing whatever I’ve started in 2014, and do better. These include:

1. Study Spanish

2. Pole dancing

3. Pure Barre

4. Yoga

5. Aerial Yoga

6. Make Android apps

7. Make WordPress themes

8. Read books, listen to audio books during my commute


2014 New Year Resolution

My 2014 New Year Resolution are categorized as For Myself, Study, At Work, Side Project, Fitness and Dream:

1. For Myself: Read at least 1 book a month (12 in total)

2. Study: Learn iOS programming

3. Study: Take GMAT (before I forgot how to do math)

4. At Work: Get 10% year end bonus

5. Dream: Take a screenwriting class after work

6. Side Project: Develop an android game

7. Side Project: Become a member of an non profit organization

8. For Myself: Continue taking Spanish classes

9. Fitness: Going to the gym regularly

10. …