The Lunchbox, 2014


Everyone should go see this movie, especially if you love Indian food (like me)!

I like the open ending of this movie, so it can have a different ending for everyone, and we don’t have to see Ila divorced her husband, and left with Saajan to Bhutan, or they met but eventually Ila decided to stay with her husband because of her kid, or anything that could happen.

My grandfather is a huge fan of Indian movies, and I watched every movie by Raj Kapoor with my grandpa when I was little. I’ll buy this DVD when it’s available in China and watch it with my grandpa again :)

Just in case you crave some masala chai after the movie, here is a lovely video on how to make authentic masala chai:

I also want to have the round eggplant dish Ila made, so I asked my Indian friend and he told me the name of it, so I found a recipe on how to make Peanut & Poppy Seeds Stuffed Eggplants. (I don’t know how to cook so I’ll just pick an Indian restaurant, you are welcome to try this recipe :)


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