Google doesn’t know what to translate when we talk about love

The other day I received a text message from Louis.


What was he trying to say? 「赤ちゃん」means infant or baby, 「女の赤ちゃん」could mean “my daughter’s infant” or “my girl’s baby”…I was confused, how many girls are there?

And then I thought, he must have used Google Translate, and the only way to know what he meant is to translate it back to English (or maybe Spanish). So I did, copied the sentence back and hit [Translate].

It said “You are my baby girl.”



在大学里,如果8点上课的话,我就赶不上吃饭,正是从那时起,我便学会把一边喝咖啡啃Bagel一边快步走当成早餐。在银杏树咖啡师小兰的帮助下,我尝试做了榛果拿铁(Hazelnut Latte)。其实我选择学习这一款,仅仅是因为我还没喝过。不过我相信,每一次新的尝试都是最好的。

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