Change your password is easy…

Linkedin won’t let me login unless I change my password.

As usual, for all “reset your password” requests, I set it to the old password I’ve been using. But this time, Linkedin won’t let me use my old password because it is “weak”. However, if I reset it to a much more complicated password, I’m sure this will be the last time for me to login my Linkedin account, because I simply can’t remember any other passwords except the one I’ve been using for all my accounts.

Same thing happened to my Apple account. About 2 years ago, Apple asked me to reset my password. The new password had to follow a certain combination, with upper case and lower case letters, numbers, special characters and cannot contain my personal information. I reset it and couldn’t remember it ever since. After that, each time I wanted to download an app, I had to reset my password once again. So my password got more and more complicated each time I download an app, until I completely got tired of resetting. In the end I switched to Android.

Though I still use my iPad, I stopped downloading new apps. I just use it to browse the Internet and tweet when I’m lying in bed.

I understand that there’s a higher risk of account being stolen associated with simple passwords. But I still believe whether to change password should be my own choice. Instead of preventing me login and forcing me to change password, Linkedin should ask me “Do you want to change your password to protect your information?” after I login, and give me an option to say “No, maybe next time.”

As a result, I will not use Linekdin from now on.


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