I want to have my life for the unexpected

I find it’s hard to answer these questions,


Which one should I choose? The place I was born, the place I had lived for most years of my life, the place of my current residence on the record, the place my parents are from and the place my parents currently living – are all different. Therefore I don’t know which one to choose.

I don’t know where I am from.

Neither do I know where I am going.

Sometimes people would ask me where I plan to stay after graduating from college. “Going back to China?” They would ask.

“No,” I’d reply, “I’m definitely not going back to China.”

I have lived in China for more than ten years – more than half of my entire life, and want no more of.

Then I left for the States.

Programming is logical, abstract, cool. I chose it because I love languages, and thought since I can learn natural languages, then it won’t be too hard for me to learn artificial ones. I am ready to study seriously again – programming, technology, and everything related. At the age of 18, coming to my senses as a human being at last, I am not done with learning. I know I am no longer ashamed of my ignorance, nor afraid of liking things.

Perhaps I should be impressed by the fact that I haven’t attached myself to things, that I am loose and free enough to walk away from anything at anytime. But what am I free for? I want to have my life for the unexpected.

Anyhow, I still take it for granted that not settling down is a necessary rebellion.


Paul Newman

It was very sad to hear that the legendary Paul Newman passed away, he was one of the rare gaints of the big screen and a truly philannthropist.

Rest in peace, Paul!

德州巴黎 He looked at her, but he didn’t see her


<Paris, Texas>,看这部电影要先有点耐心,因为片长,2小时18分46秒,一直看到第40分钟时,我才逐渐被它吸引,故事的主线也逐渐明朗。

Nobody walks!











喂马,劈柴,周游世界… …





由于找不到存在的理由,所以我感到孤独,也因此奋斗在去美国的路上,并说服自己:That’s the way I am.