I love map cards

The public tranports of Paris, France.

FR-48954 from Marie

I’ll start learning French in college, and I’ll seek a chance to visit Paris with this map :)




The flag of Mauritius consists of 4 stripes which stand for:

Red : Struggle for Independence

Blue : Indian Ocean

Yellow : New light of Independence shining over the Island

Green : The lush vegetation of the Island

MU-600 from Eraina




from Rod



Texas, US

The Lone Star State

US-372435 from Helen

Hope I can visit NASA oneday :)



Maryland, US

Nickname : Old Line State

Area : 12,327 sq. miles

Entered into the union in 1788

US-385233 from Katie




The coats of arms of Estonia. Towns

EE-43720 from Kristel



Lancashire & Merseyside  , United Kingdom

The Great North. West – from it’s Big Cities to it’s world famous seaside resorts!

GB-77803 from Alex




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