Briefly noted on tsunami in Japan

The tsunami is devastating. After the 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Japan, triggered “the most most powerful and disastrous tsunamis in 100 years” as described by CNN. Tsunamis swallowed the airport,  streets, and knocked down houses in Sendai, those horror-than-horror-movies footages can be viewed here: Some are footages inside the office of NHK Sendai branch, others are street scenes. Sendai is the hometown of my Japanese teacher, and the destination of my study abroad in Japan next year… dear 2011, stop trying to be 2012 please.

The confirmed death toll raised up to 142 and over 500 were reported missing. As noted: (local time: 3/12, 2:19 am)

Here are some links that might be useful for this crisis watch:

NHK Earthquake/Tsunami Alert: (Japanese)

宮城県の避難場所: (Japanese)

Japan Meteorological Agency: (Japanese)

Earthquake Alert:

Google Person Finder:

Google Crisis Response:

東北太平洋沖地震まとめ: (Japanese)

東北太平洋沖地震まとめ(宮城県): (Japanese)


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