Spanish Short Stories

In my recent Spanish courses, we have read many interesting Spanish short stories, and I would like to share some of my favorite ones here:

El Recado (Elena Poniatowska)

Euskera Ez (Ramiro Pinilla)

Anhedonia: Historia de dos mujeres (Mylene Fernández Pintado)

Casa Tomada (Julio Cortázar)

Solo vine a hablar por teléfono (Gabriel García Márquez)

Amor de madre (Almudena Grandes)

2 thoughts on “Spanish Short Stories

  1. I look forward to reading these stories. I studied Spanish in college and read lots of Federico García Lorca, Márquez and Borges. If you get the chance look for a story called “The Circular Ruins” (Las Ruinas Circulares)–it’s a great story.

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