Finally, I received my score report and certificate for the N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test I’ve taken last December. I got 118 out of 180, not an impressive score though, I’m still one of the 38,525 certified examinees around the globe. This much is enough to make me, my parents and my Japanese teachers happy ;)

I started taking Japanese courses with my then-boyfriend two years ago, at that time learning Japanese was nothing but to please him, because he was about to go to Japan for his Master’s the year after. We had classes until 8:00 in the evening and rode the last bus home, talking about us”holding hands and walking down the street of Chinatown in Yokohama.” That was a pleasant memory. Though I didn’t see him anymore, after all it was him encouraged me to study Japanese, so I could pass the test today. I hope he could be proud of me. 張さんは今元気ですか。今度だけは本気で、あなたのすてきな毎日を祝います。

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